SEO Articles and Press Releases

Once your website is optimised for keywords and text layout, you have created the most fundamental factor in the search engine wars - its relevance to the search term in the search engines text box. The next step is to show Google how important your business is within your industry. So how do you tell Google your web site is the most important? The answer is create one-way links back to your web site and the most efficient way of doing this is by submitting seo articles to the web.

How Can Article submissions increase traffic to my web site?

Articles are a great way to go into more detail about your services and products. Once they are distributed on the net they will provide a link back to your site. So increasing your one-way links and in the eyes of Google you just got more important. The more important your website is, the higher it is likely to be when searched for.

Enhance those links even further!

I can even enhance those links for you even further. Google is programmed to evaluate the importance of the source link. For instance if the link where you submitted the SEO article is of a high page rank, this has a knock on effect of making your site look more important.

I only submit to Submission sites with a page rank between 4 and 6

Press Releases

Press releases work in the same way as SEO articles and are a great way to tell the world about any new discounts on services and products, events to do with your industry or just that your web site is now live, at the same time.

1 blog (researched, optimised, written in microsoft 2010 or inserted directly into any CMS or blog area; 1 stock graphic 30
If contracted for 4 blogs/month for 6 months. Cost of 1 blog: 27.50
If contracted to 4 blogs/month for 12 months Cost of 1 blog: 25
1 blog distributed to unlimited social media accounts for the life of the blog 5
Optional: Monthly Management and Moderation of blog area including Google analytics with monthly report 60
Optional: Blog area creation (Magazine style) 150

How do I start?


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