Do you have a story to tell?

Everyone has a book inside of them waiting to be told but not everyone is a writer or has the time to put pen to paper. A ghostwriter can help those dreams become a reality.

The Ghostwriter

What is a ghostwriter?

Well, first of all lets agree on how you spell it. It has been seen in numerous forms over the internet and the printed page: ghostwriter; ghost writer; ghost-writer and even just ghost. Well, in the Collins dictionary it is one word (ghostwriter) and that is good enough for me! So from now on I am a professional ghostwriter. I’m a kind of invisible writer. When I am ghostwriting peoples memoirs, biographys, their fiction or non-fiction ideas, I am never mentioned in the final publication.

Why hire a ghostwriter?

As the saying goes “we all have a book inside of us”. The fact is we don’t all have the time to see that idea come into fruition. We may not have the literary skill to make it work. Someone may want advice about structuring a book or a script, or a concept. Proof reading or editing skills maybe needed. Or it maybe about communicating with the publishing world, and getting the first foot on the ladder.

Who would use my ghostwriting services?

There are no limits really. I do not make a judgement about how good or bad your idea is. I am there to turn your idea into something real. People approach me when they:

  • Have a great idea for a fiction book script or article but need the skill and time from a professional to make it work.
  • Want to leave their life memoirs to their children and their children’s children.
  • Feel they have a skill which would be of benefit to others if it was in a book or manual
  • Recognise that the chance to talk about their memories and see them in print can be a therapeutic exercise.
  • Need on-going writing advice about structuring their manuscript, and around communicating with the publishing world.

Isn't distance going to cause a problem?

Rarely. I use telephone and email and of course visit my clients but the most beneficial device I use is Skype. This is a FREE “video” telephone service which you can download very easily to your computer and makes communication very easy and even fun! I am quite proud to say I have clients all over the world I communicate at the click of a mouse.

How much do I charge?

There are many ways to approach the fee. More than often It is a fee for writing the manuscript. This is usually based on an hourly rate which includes the time gathering information. Sometimes it is a split between fee and a percentage of royalties when the book is printed. And sometimes it is royalties only. Though the latter is rare. Click here for a free estimate.

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Help me write my book

Leave your life story and memoirs for childrens' grandchildren

A chance to leave your memoirs for your children and your childrens children

Your story and ideas in print!

Your book and ideas in print!

Re-living your life experience can be a cathartic journey

Re-living your life can be truly therapeutic

Your skills and unique knowledge in print

Your skills and experiences in the form of a manual